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iPad mini is first smaller tablet from Apple that features 7.9 inches display instead of 9.7 inches. This clearly means that Apple wanted to offer a tablet with 1024 x 768 pixel high resolution screen and 200 x 134.7 x 7.2 mm ultra compact dimensions so that more and more users can benefit with portable iPad mini’s features. Mini iPad Deals is formed to bring latest information about iPad mini and network service providers deals to you. Our web portal simply displays comprehensive details about iPad mini deals so that you can compare and find cheap deals for purchasing this new Apple tablet in a budget friendly way.


iPad mini Significant features

As we mentioned above this device is quite compact and because of this quality you can hold iPad mini is one hand comfortably. Unlike its bigger predecessors, iPad mini has super sleek body, Lightening dock connector and micro sim-card holder in 4G/3G with Wi-Fi version. The volume button and screen orientation lock keys are fitted to right-hand side of the tablet. Another physical difference on the iPad design would be shifting of headphone socket to the top of the device.

Apple iPad mini’s LED-backlit 7.9 inches 4:3 screen offers really crisp display that would allow you to see or read content at pin-point clarity. Every app iOS app you can experience on previous iPads would run on iPad mini as well. Moreover, with iOS 6 integration this tablet would offer some freshly innovated features out of the box. Siri, for instance, would be available in iPad mini so that you can utilise benefits of voice-guided navigation between apps. Also, because of better software you would be able to enjoy ultra fast web browsing and offline Safari reader as well.

iPad mini incorporates two cameras and its primary camera is besotted with iSight technology of five-optical lens, BSI sensor and hybrid infrared filter. The 5 mega pixel rear camera is very useful to capture full HD 1080p videos, especially because you will be holding just 312 grams light iPad mini. You can video call using its VGA quality FaceTime camera, and because you have option of 4G LTE speedy connectivity with iPad mini, you can enjoy seamless conversation on cellular signals. Like every quality product from Apple, this device would offer you reliably long battery backup. Thus, you can make use of its fast computing thanks to dual core A5 chipset integration all day long.

Bottom line

Apple iPad mini is fully-equipped device to offer you complete computing facilities. If you want to purchase this device at discounted price, we at Mini iPad Deals can guide to lucrative deals.

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iPad Mini: Environment Friendly Tech Gadget

By admin • Apr 16th, 2013 • Category: Blog


Though the iPad Mini is the smallest in size but it offers the same features and skills of the normal iPad. If you see the size of the IPad Mini it is just the reduced size of the original iPad. Though small but the display size of this mini iPad is 7.9 inches. The new Apple iPad Mini covers less space and less weight and is regarded to be the thinnest pad. Though the insight camera is smaller in size but its 5 megapixel camera captures good quality photos and sharp HD videos with 1080p resolution. The iPad Mini is designed to scroll and use all your applications and documents comfortable with its display size which is 35 % more in terms of screen size than the normal IPad. The amazing A5 chip enables you to download over 300, 00 applications from its apps store. The battery life of this pad is awesome with 10 hour lasting with only a single charge. (more…)

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iPad Mini- Much More than Expected

By admin • Mar 18th, 2013 • Category: Blog

ipad Mini

The portable wireless laptops are creating a huge buzz in all surroundings with their ability to perform all the computing tasks in an effective way. iPad Mini is the new player which has got tremendous response from all the people with its elegant design and power packed features.

This mini size tablet iPad Mini is beneficial to get advantage of easy to go browsing for sending emails, watch movies online and much more at high speed. iPad Mini is build up with fascinating features and lots of modernistic applications. (more…)

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